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What Inspires Us to Do This?

This was Brian Pollack's mission in life....taking the time to enjoy and appreciate the world around him.  He traveled over 20 countries - exploring the countryside, meeting and talking with people all over the world.  Immersing himself in foreign cultures to truly understand the differences/similarities of people around the world led him to exemplify the meaning of tolerance. 

Throughout his travels, he was an avid hiker and accomplished outdoorsman with a passion for
kayaking and camping.  Brian's witty personality, carefree attitude, and infectious laugh attracted people to him wherever he traveled.  He made friends all over the globe who will miss him greatly. 

ThroughThe Brian Pollack Fund, we will be able to keep his memory alive and help other people experience the activities that he found so fulfilling. 
We hope you will join us in this charitable effort.

The Brian Pollack Fund presently supports two outstanding organizations:
The Brian A. Pollack Documentary Film Scholarship program as well as Outdoor Outreach

The Brian A. Pollack Documentary Film Scholarship  will provide needed funds to students who want to experience the excitement of reporting in a foreign country.  Brian was able to travel abroad and get a first hand look at struggles in Afghanistan and neighboring countries through a similar grant while attending Berkeley.  This unique experience had a meaningful impact on his future endeavors. 


 Outdoor Outreach utilizes the outdoors to inspire youths to see the possibilities and opportunities in their lives.  We help kids to realize the positive attitudes and behavioral changes that will make them happy, healthy and successful adults.


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