TheBrianPollackFund.org was established in November 2017 by Brian’s family and close friends as a way to memorialize him and further his interests in supporting documentary filmmaking and outdoor exploration.  We have assembled the following Board of Directors to facilitate this mission.

Marlene Pollack, Linda Klitenic, Carol Nelson, John Pollack, and Shelley Schwartz
Brian is survived by his mother, Marlene, his brother John, and his sisters Linda, Carol & Shelley. Brian was very close not only to his siblings and mother, but also his father, Dr. Irvin Pollack, who predeceased him. Brian was beloved by his many nieces and nephews who considered him to be a “fun” uncle. Brian’s family remembers his deep concern and compassion for other people and the environment. In addition to being an outdoor adventurer, he was an avid reader with an intense interest and knowledge of U.S. history. Brian was charming and funny, entertaining the family and getting everyone to laugh at the most ordinary things. He was and still is admired by his family for all that he stood for all that he accomplished.

Jory Schunick

Alex Menkes

So now, each of us whose lives were touched by Brian must somehow carry on although we are not sure how to do this. Brian made us laugh at the absurdities of life and also at ourselves. He touched everything with love and sweetness.  Brian added light joy and levity to every day. His heart shone through his soul and his eyes. He will be remembered for his smile, his sense of humor, and lightness that he brought to our home, our family, and his friends.

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